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  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Change Management

Strategic Planning

Strategy focuses on how best to generate revenue. It’s a bet you place on what customers will choose, so it’s outside of your direct control. Planning focuses on how best to operate against your strategy. It involves use of resources that are under your control. Strategic planning, then, is a two-part process that is most effective when strategy comes first and planning second. Confusing the two can diminish both. As the strategic planning facilitator, I can keep the process on track, manage the multiple dynamics in play, and deliver a plan that makes sense and drives revenue.

Organizational Assessment

There are times when a leader wants to assess the overall functioning of the organization or a division of the organization in order to identify needs and make positive changes. The assessment can be done in a variety of ways, but it results in data that can be used directly for organizational growth and development. People from across the organization offer their views, so there is immediate “buy-in” and a lowering of resistance to the change process.

Change Management

Change is ongoing. Sometimes it involves small adjustments; other times, a complete transition. Understanding the change process and planning accordingly can make the difference between a big success and a preventable failure. I can help you navigate the often choppy waters of change.