Executive Coaching
Strategic Planning
Organizational Development

Over 25 Years of Improving
Individual & Organizational Performance

I can help you choose a direction, then work effectively with your people to achieve your goals.

I am a trusted leadership advisor with many years of experience in Frederick, Maryland and the surrounding region. I work with organizations on "people and planning" to improve individual and organizational performance, always striving for results you can see.

As an Organizational and Clinical Psychologist, I understand the wide range of behaviors in the workplace. My expertise includes designing and implementing behavior change so individuals can enjoy their work and organizations can succeed.

I have the greatest respect for people and their efforts on the job. Most people most of the time try to do their best, but personal "blind spots", developmental needs, and/or organizational roadblocks get in the way. By finding solutions to these problems, individuals and organizations can relieve tension and achieve excellence.

Business and Organization Coach, Dr. Greg Powell at his desk in Frederick, MD
Dr. Greg Powell
Individual Business Coaching


  • Leadership Development
  • Professional Growth
  • Behavior Change
  • Stress Management
  • Life Planning and Direction
Team Business Coaching


  • Team Development for Peak Performance
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • Conflict Management
Organizational Business Coaching


  • Trusted Leadership Advisor to the President/CEO and Company Executives
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Change Management
Family Business Coaching

Family Business

  • Succession Planning and Implementation
  • Balancing Work and Family Relationships

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Order and Chaos

We generally don’t like chaos. It’s confusing, unpredictable, and frequently destructive. We much prefer order, especially in business. We make plans, execute them, and expect to achieve measurable results. The more controllable and predictable, the better.

But as Scottish poet Robert Burns once wrote, “The...


Go With The Flow

Let’s join two ideas together and see what we get.

Idea One - The other day I was wondering about the speed we’re actually traveling when we’re sitting still. It’s a wonderful feeling, sitting still. Rather quiet and restful. We notice everything around us is still, too –our papers and books and...


Staying in the Loop

“A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest . . .”
From The Boxer by Paul Simon

I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of a feedback loop. It’s a simple idea with profound implications. In its basic form, a feedback loop is outcome information that’s...


Clients I Have Served

  • Airpark Animal Hospital
    Alcoa (Eastalco)
    Allegany County (MD)
        Department of Social Services
    Associated Radiologists
    Ausherman Development
    Ausherman Family Foundation
    Ausherman Homes
    Baltimore County Mental
        Health/Core Service Agency
  • BioFX Laboratories
    Blue Ridge Anesthesia
    Boys & Girls Club of Frederick
    Carroll County Core Service
    Centro Hispano
    Charles County Mental Health
    City of Hagerstown
    City of Westminster
  • Clagett Enterprises
    Colonial Jewelers
    Community Foundation of
        Frederick County
    Comus Stone Products - Comus
    Crisplant, Inc
    Digging and Rigging (Crane
        Truck Rentals)
    Facilities Maintenance, Inc.
    Farmers and Merchants Bank
  • Frederick City Police
    Frederick Community Action
    Frederick County (MD)
        Substance Abuse
    Frederick County Department of
        Social Services
    Frederick County Job Training
  • Frederick County Office for
        Children and Families
    Frederick County Public
        Schools (Curriculum
        Development, Health Services,
        and Transportation Divisions)
    Frederick County Transit
    Frederick Fence Company
    Frederick Medical and
        Pulmonary Associates
  • Frederick Memorial Hospital
    Frederick Primary Care
    Gale Recovery, Inc. (Substance
        Abuse Recovery Program)
    Glade Valley Community Services
    Habitat for Humanity of
        Frederick County
    Hagerstown Police Department
    Hagerstown Washington County
        Chamber of Commerce
  • iHire (Internet Job Search
    Life & Discovery (now the
        Asian American Center of
    Linton, Shafer & Co., CPA's
    Literacy Council of Frederick
    Love & Company (Advertising
        and Marketing)
  • Marketing & Research Resources
        (Telephone Surveys)
    Maryland Association of Core
        Service Agencies
    Maryland Dept of Health and
        Mental Hygiene [DHMH] -
        multiple engagements with
        department leadership and
        various reporting agencies
    Mental Health Assoc. of
        Frederick County
  • Mental Health Authority of St.
        Mary's County
    Mental Health Management
        Agency of Frederick County
    Mental Health Systems
        Improvement Collaborative
    Mid-Maryland Musculoskeletal
        Institute (Orthopedic
    Mid-Shore Core Service Agency
  • Miscellaneous Metals (Metal
    North American Association for
        Environmental Education
    Potomac Investment Services
    Prince George's County Hotline
    Proffitt & Associates
    Road Runners (National Running
    Rotary Club of Carroll Creek
  • Rotary Club of Frederick
    Shafer, Troxell & Howe [STH]
        Representatives for
        Commercial and Municipal
    Specialized Engineering
    St. Maria Goretti School
    State of Maryland -
        Developmental Disabilities
  • The Jefferson School
    The Pediatric Center of
    The Plamondon Companies (Roy
        Rogers Restaurants and
        Marriott Hotels)
    The Tourism Council of
        Frederick County
    Tox Path Services
    United Way of Frederick CoUnty
    Van Sant Plumbing and Heating
  • Washington County (MD)
        Department of Social Services
    Washington County Mental
        Health Authority
    Zavos Architectural & Design