Business Coach, Dr. Greg Powell

Dr. Gregory Powell

I come to the practice of business consultation from the field of psychology. As a licensed organizational and clinical psychologist, I have practiced in Frederick, Maryland and the surrounding region for over 25 years. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree at Brown University and my Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in Psychology at the University of Maryland.

As a consultant, I focus on creating positive change to improve individual and organizational performance. Change can occur at three interacting levels: Individual, team (or inter-personal), and organizational. I am professionally trained and experienced in working on all of these levels. My specialties include executive coaching, team development, strategic planning, organizational assessment, change management, and conflict resolution. I work with organizations of all types, but often with family businesses and professional firms and practices. I pursued advanced training in organizational consultation at the University of Maryland, Harvard University (Continuing Education), the National Training Laboratories, the Center for Creative Leadership, and the American Psychological Association (Division 13 – Consulting Psychologists). In addition to consulting, I taught leadership courses in the Emerging Leaders MBA program at Mount St. Mary’s University from 2014 through 2016.

In addition to consulting with organizations, I co-founded the Frederick Psychology Center in 1987 where I continue to work as a therapist along with three colleagues. Though there is a clear line between organizational consultation and psychotherapy, my experience as a therapist offers useful skills and insights for working with issues in the workplace. My specialties as a therapist include stress management, work/life issues, relief from anxiety and depression, and marital therapy.

I love the Frederick community and have been actively involved in leadership positions including past chair of the following boards: Frederick Memorial Hospital, Frederick Regional Healthcare System, Monocacy Health Partners (the employed physicians arm of the Frederick Regional Healthcare System), Frederick Mutual Insurance Company (current director), and the Frederick County Mental Health Association. I currently serve on the board of directors of the Community Foundation of Frederick County and the Clover Hill Civic Association, where I also manage the community park. I am a long-time member of the Rotary Club of Frederick, as well as the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce.