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  • Trusted Leadership Advisor to the President/CEO and Company Executives

  • Coaching for Leadership Development
    • Professional Growth
    • Behavior Change
    • Stress Management
    • Life Planning and Direction

Trusted Leadership Advisor to the President/CEO and Company Executives

There’s an expression that it can be lonely at the top. Though you may be involved with a great many people, you may still feel alone when it comes to discussing the most challenging or uncertain aspects of running your business. You may also wish to explore personal and professional needs, which are often inter-related. Discussions with an experienced, reliable, discreet coach can help.

Leadership Development and Coaching

Leaders in organizations grow and develop throughout their careers. Growth is rewarding, but it’s also challenging. In fact, significant personal and professional growth typically occurs during the most demanding times. Examining and addressing the issues related to growth promotes career success and a healthy life balance. Sometimes these issues are tough, sometimes exciting. Either way, as a trusted coach I can help you clarify issues, focus on priorities, map a path forward, and consolidate gains.

Sometimes leaders seek out coaching on their own. Other times, leaders are asked to work with a coach to change a behavior or improve performance. Either way, I choose to work with leaders who have decided they want to engage in the coaching process.