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Hi, this is Greg Powell. I hope you'll enjoy one or more of these interesting topics from the world of business and beyond. Dan Powell, my son and collaborator, has researched the articles and written the summaries, so this is not a boilerplate message. We'd like to give you a weekly break to learn about something cool or, better yet, 5 Cool Things.

The Human Operating System (Greg Powell)

As complex as we humans can be, in some ways we're very simple. The human operating system - what we consciously control - is comprised of just three factors: what we think, what we feel, and what we do. That's it. But just like the three primary colors combine to form an endless number of hues, so our three operating factors combine to create a unique life for each of us. Wouldn't it be helpful to understand the human operating system a bit more? In this article, Greg explores how we can take more control of our thoughts and actions to create better emotional outcomes. Read more...


The Most Effective Way to Tackle Climate Change? Plant 1 Trillion Trees (CNN)

There has been a lot of discussion about the best steps that humanity can take to counter climate change, but the best solution might be one of the easiest: plant a tree. According to Tom Crowther of the Swiss university ETH Zurich, there’s enough room on our planet for an additional 1.2 trillion trees, and planting that many would offset carbon emissions by far more than the current top-ranked solutions. An effective campaign will have to involve more, of course — meaningful reductions in both carbon emissions and deforestation around the world — but each tree planted does its part to sequester carbon over many decades. With Earth Day just passed on the 22nd and Arbor Day coming up on Friday, April 26, it’s a great time to start. Read more…

Twitter Is Not America (The Atlantic)

Twitter, the social network that allows 280 characters per post, has become an important cog in America’s political and social machinery, constantly referenced by the news media and relied on by a plethora of leaders, celebrities, and other “influencers”. But how well does the conversation on Twitter reflect what’s actually going on around the country? A recent Pew Research study shows that “in the United States, Twitter users are statistically younger, wealthier, and more politically liberal than the general population. They are also substantially better educated…” And that’s not all - Pew also found that the top Twitter users generate a ton of content, despite not being representative of the population either. So, our media, politicians, and other leaders are increasingly connected to an illusory reality, distinct from the one that the average American experiences. Read more…


Move Over, San Andreas: There’s an Ominous New Fault in Town (Wired)

Southern Californians have long feared the infamous “Big One”, an earthquake somewhere along the San Andreas fault as the massive Pacific Plate continues its slide along the border of the Atlantic plate, which carries North America. But a pause of activity indicates that the eventual break may have to happen somewhere else, and geologists think they may have found the spot, which runs roughly along Route 395 from the Los Angeles outskirts to Reno, Nevada. If scientists like James Faulds are right, plate movements over the next 15 million years might rip apart the North American plate at this point, creating a vast “Reno Sea” stretching north from Baja California.. Read more…


The Moon Is Flipped on the Other Side of the World, And It's Freaking Us Out (Science Alert)

Finally this week, we’re all familiar with the fact that toilets flush differently in the southern hemisphere, but did you know that there’s also a difference in the way that the night sky appears to an observer south of the equator? Constellations and even the familiar shape of the moon are flipped upside down in countries like Australia and Argentina, presenting a totally different view of reality. "In Australia, Orion's leg and belt is commonly known as 'The Saucepan', as it looks like a big old cooking pot!" In addition, the phases of the moon go in the opposite direction — from left to right, instead of the right to left progression familiar to northern skywatchers. Read more…

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